Door to hide the washing machine made with pallet planks


This project from Jose Rafael is a space where to hide our washer discreetly. Taking advantage from a little space that he has in his patio, and thanks to his DIY skills working with the pallets, he has built a little door to hide inside the washing machine. In the case that we have a terrace or enjoy an outdoor patio, and also we want to transform this space into a washing place, this can be a very good solution as the washing machine will stay perfectly hidden obtaining a nicer environment.

Door to hide the washer made pallet planks 1

The door is made of several pallet planks, all fixed together with the classical system of drawing a Z on the back of the door, all the boards have been nailed to the Z helping to keep the door perfectly solid. Finally has been added a small knob to open it, a latch to keep the door closed, and the door has been fixed to the wall with 3 hinges. A very simple but effective solution, since the wood beautifies the space and hides the washer.

Door to hide the washer made pallet planks 2

Thanks for sending us these pictures Jose!

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