Dresser table made ​​with pallets


Following the inspiration of this furniture project for the bathroom, that we published recently, Chris has created for her daughter a nice table dresser with pallets.

Basically the cabinet is the top of a pallet, which has been extracted for the occasion from the back wooden blocks. So we have obtained a more suitable surface to hang on the wall, as it has a smaller volume. Then, following the inspiration of the mentioned post, some glass jars has been fixed around the perimeter of the frame using metallic clamps, within them we can place candles, light bulbs or makeup tools… Finally, we have added a mirror in the center of the pallet to transform it in a proper table dresser.

 Dresser table made ​​with pallets

As you can see in this photo of the original furniture, the idea of the previous post was not to make a table dresser, but to create a place where to store some of our helpful bathroom tools, using glass jars.

 Dresser table made ​​with pallets 2

This is a good example of how you can develop a good idea through a previous one, that’s why always we encourage you to search our blog seeking inspiration, because you not only can copy one of the hundreds of projects that you can find here, you can also be inspired by one of our ideas and create a new one from 0.

Good luck with your project 😉

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