Dressing furniture all in one with pallets


Again we have rescued one of the pieces of furniture that participated in the Bosch design competition with pallets, at the school design IADE in Madrid, it’s the Cabinet “All in One” by Leticia Basail, an open wardrobe to organize your clothes in the bedroom, also with a shelving system.

Dressing furniture all in one with pallets 1

Along with the image of the furniture already built, I have attached some drawings in 3D so you can see how it has been built.

As you can see this furniture has several functions one as I had already said as a dressing, perfect for putting the clothes that we are going to use the next day, with a rack to hang the jackets and pants, and at the other side we also have a complete mirror .

The cabinet is able to turn in place thanks to the casters that has at its base, when you turn it, it shows a space with shelves where you can put several books and even a TV, that’s why it’s defined as a multipurpose furniture, that can turn and change its function, certainly very useful to put it in any bedroom.

Dressing furniture all in one with pallets 2

We want to congratulate Leticia for her project, which has surprised us for their usefulness and ease of construction.

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