Folding screen with wooden pallets


Do you need to make an office or a library in your home? Does your bedroom need a discreet place where change your clothes ? Do you want to separate your dining room or kitchen to clearly differentiate the use os these spaces ? No problem ! Today I am going to propose you the perfect and most economical solution that you can find , to make a screen a folding sreen with wooden pallets, so you easily will get 2 rooms with a minimal investment.

Folding screen with wooden pallets

To build a partition wall can be a work that , although is not very complicated , it’s expensive and gets dirty your house , so if you want to avoid put yourself into trouble with a simple partition made ​​with pallets you will have probably more than enough.

 Folding screen with wooden pallets 2

As you can see in the images of this post the result is quite good and it’s not a very difficult task to do, we just joined a few pallets vertically and horizontally . To join them we can use some hinges, making it self-sustaining thanks to its moving slats; or we can use also metal plates or wooden boards, they will not allow movement so then we’ll have to set it into the floor and/or wall. Another good option could be to do the same as into the first photo, which is to make a perpendicular wing of pallets which will sustain the whole structure.

In addition you can use the pallets as shelves or hang some pictures etc… so the pallets will have a dual purpose 🙂

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