Fully furnished kitchen with pallets


Alexander has shared with us these pictures of the kitchen of his house, which was been built using pallets. From the kitchen cabinets and the drawers, to the table where to eat the breakfast and the stools, were built with wooden pallets, even a small tray has been done by the same method.

Fully furnished kitchen with pallets 1

All the furniture has been built previously by removing the planks from the pallets, in any case a whole pallet has been used. If you look closely you also can appreciate the wood finish, this has been properly polished in order to look the furniture cleaner.

To create the large surfaces with the planks, such as the table or the cabinet doors, we have followed the traditional method of linking the planks through other crosstabs, nailed with nails directly on the planks above. That’s how all the cubic pieces have become cabinets.

Fully furnished kitchen with pallets 2

It’s also important to note that all the furniture that has to withstand greater weight and movement, such as the table and the stools, has been suitably reinforced shoring the legs, linking them by the lower and upper ends using wooden planks.

Alexander thank you very much for sending us these photos of your kitchen, I’m sure that many people will emulate your project and create their own kitchens with pallets.

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