Garbage shelter made with pallets


If you desire a place to leave your garbage hidden, or you just want this space to be nice, certainly you will love this proposal. This structure consists of a wooden box to place inside your dumpster, hidden from the view of your neighbors.

Rubbish shelter made with pallets 1

You can see that the box is designed to house inside a standard dumpster made of plastic, which are often in the streets of the residential areas, so its dimensions makes it perfect for any place.

Rubbish shelter made with pallets 2

This dumpster shelter has a double opening, a front to place and remove the plastic container inside, ideal for the garbageman to remove it and place it into the garbage truck, and an upper used to throw our garbage inside, with a wooden support to keep it opened allowing us to open easily the plastic container.

Rubbish shelter made with pallets 3

The box is constructed with a whole pallet in the base, cut to fit the necessary dimensions, and the sides are closed with wooden planks also from the pallets. At the top is placed a small pitched roof to avoid as far as possible the water to come inside, of course also made with pallet planks. In the front there are some door overtures to allow the ventilation of the inner space, and both the roof and the door are fixed to the rest of the structure with screwed metal hinges.

Rubbish shelter made with pallets 4

All the container shelter has been considerably varnished considering that it will be located 100% of the time outdoors, so don’t  spare in this detail.

Rubbish shelter made with pallets 5

Do you like this pallet furniture for the garden?