Garden lamp made ​​with a pallet and candles


If you wish to have a romantic corner in your garden, I highly recommend you to create this lamp, and it also doesn’t spends electricity. This is a lamp made with candles, as if we had gone back in time some centuries ago!

The idea is quite simple. We have to deconstruct a pallet until it’s like the one in the picture, so it will weigh less and the design will be with more simpler lines, here you can see how to dismantle a pallet easily.

Later we will hang the pallet from a tree branch or from the ceiling of a porch with some chains, as you can see in the example of the photo, or besides using some chains you can use a rope. Finally hang on the pallet some glass jars, and into these jars introduce some little candles, in IKEA you can find small candles packs for very cheap price.

And so we’ll have our lamp with faint and romantic light, and why not also very practical, because everywhere where we place it we are not going to need electrical power.

Garden lamp made ​​with a pallet and candles

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