Give for Christmas an incense holder


Would you like to build an incense holder to give to your relatives or friends for Christmas? A gift made with pallets with an added value as it is handmade, so the one who will receive it will feel very special, knowing that you have spent a lot of time to build a special detail that’s impossible to find at any store.

Give for Christmas an incense holder 1

So to build this incense holder you only require the following tools and materials: a pallet, a lathe, a screwdriver, a saw, a hammer, a crowbar, wooden varnish, wooden glue and a brush.

First to build this pallet furniture, we have to extract the pallet plank with the hammer and the lever. Cut this plank into two pieces whose measures are 39 cm (15.3 “) and 13 cm (5”) long.

Now we are going to proceed with the most complicated part of the project, as you can see in the first image the base of the incense holder is curved. So to give a curvature to the board of 39 cm (15.3 “) first we’re going to mark with a pencil where is going to be the curvature.

Give for Christmas an incense holder 2

Then, before sawing the plank we will ensure that there are no imperfections like knots on the both sides of the board.

Give for Christmas an incense holder 3

With the help of the saw we’re going to do little grooves to the board of 0.6 cm (1/4 ”) where are the pencil marks.

Give for Christmas an incense holder 4

Then when we have finished making the cuts, we will bend the timber with the desired curvature and put it in the lathe.

Give for Christmas an incense holder 5

Then fill the grooves with the wooden glue and wait for them to dry.

Give for Christmas an incense holder 6

Finally, once we have made it make a small hole where the incense is going to be placed. Then fix it with the small plank of 13 cm (5″) as if it were an “L” and we have built our little incense holder.

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