How to make a coat rack with pallets


Buy a new house means also purchase new furniture for it, and if it’s cheap much better!, it’s normal that after all the expense we’ve done with the new house we don’t have enough money to buy furniture. This is how was born the idea of the coat rack made of pallets. My brother had some old wooden pallets so it was easy to get one. I already had in mind the initial idea, since I have a friend who had already made a shelf with pallets, I just adapted the idea for use it as a coat rack. So I finished the project just in one day.


One of the keys was to acquire some rustic hooks to use as hangers, so me and my girlfriend finally got our free coat rack!



Materials needed:

– A pallet
-Rustic nails
-Steel hooks to hang the pallet on the wall

colgador_de_abrigos_hecho_con_palets_4 colgador_de_abrigos_hecho_con_palets_3

Things to consider:

-The back is fixed with some ugly screws, but that’s not a problem as they will not be seen.
-I used nails with a rustic look to enhance the decor, before I made a little hole to fit them, so you would not break the wood when you nail them.
-When I finished all thw work, I varnished everything.
-The heads of the nails are also varnished too, this to avoid the contact of the rust with the coats.
-The top shelf is made using the pallet wooden blocks, they are fixed from behind with some ugly screws, and from the front with rustic nails as before.

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