How to make a furniture for hanging our kitchen utensils with one pallet


Today we want to propose a different option to those of you who want an alternative to the typical and conventional kitchen cabinet where we keep our utensils as: pots, pans , spoons… The furniture that you can see in the picture is made ​​with a single pallet , its function is to maintain arranged all our tools for cooking and keep them reachable.

Very original! For its construction you will need the following tools and materials: a pallet, screws, hooks and plugs, a string, a steel cable or a rope, sandpaper and Varnish.

how to make a kitchen cabinet with a single pallet

How to make a cabinet for hanging kitchen utensils with one pallet

To make it identical to the one on picture you will have to leave the entire pallet as it is, you only must have to remove the 2 boards at the bottom of the it and place them on the sides. These two boards have their respective roles: the one which is against the wall serves to fix the furniture with screws to it, and the one that we see at the front serves to hide the beams of the pallet and the knots of the chains.

Sand it with sandpaper. Now, you can take some time to apply a coat of varnish, although the one of the picture hasn’t been varnished.  Finally nail the hooks where we are going to hang later the utensils.

Like it was a pergola we’ll fix the pallet to the wall with the screws. Then we’ll fix the chains with some hooks to the wall and the pallet, which will act as tensioners to hold the pallet.

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