Lamp made ​​with pallets and glass jars


What do you think of this lamp idea? Cool isn’t it? It’s all made from recycled materials, with some pallet boards and a few glass jars , Want to know how it’s done ? Then pay attention :

The first step is to dismantle a wooden pallet to obtain all the necessary boards, We’ll have to cut them in order to build a wooden box like the one on the pictures. You can see that there’s a perimeter made ​​with smaller boards where the larger boards are fixed, this is made to leave a space for hiding the installation wires. We’ll fix everything with screws or nails.

Lamp made ​​with pallets and glass jars

 Lamp made ​​with pallets and glass jars 2

We’ll pierce the jar caps and the larger boards and run the wires through them, but before we’ll sand and varnish the wood to avoid doing this step later.

After passing the cable through the caps of the jars mount the bulbs, the bulbs will support also the weight of the jars. Some sand has also been aded to the jars, in order to give some screen to the light and make it less direct.

Inside the wooden box we’ll connect the wires of each jar with the roof installation, they will stay hidden inside this box.

Lamp made ​​with pallets and glass jars 3

Here you can see a similar version of this idea :

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