Lamp structure built using pallet boards


If you are thinking about building your own lamp, this is your chance to use the pallets to make one. Pallet boards are a good solution for creating structures, and in this case they can be exploited to make the foot and the body of it. The project, which looks great, was sent by our follower Ben, and we can only thank him the detail, lately he has been always sending us pallet furniture projects, and all have a very high level.

Lamp structure built using pallet boards 1

As you can see in these pictures, the pedestal base is made with some pallet planks crossed, then the base has been cut with a circular shape. You must give some weight to the base in order to balance the structure.

Lamp structure built using pallet boards 2

The structure of the lamp has also been made with wooden planks, simply the boards have been joined using wooden glue, the new linked boards have been placed with some angle to obtain a little curve in the structure.

Lamp structure built using pallet boards 3

As you can see in this photo, the top screen support has also been made with pallet boards, joining them with a more or less circular shape. The screen was made with chicken wire, and wrapping a over it string, it’s very easy to do it and the result fits very well with the boards of the pallets.

The bulbs has been placed in a few glass jars, which have also been wrapped with some string, as you can see the use of recycled materials is maximized.

Lamp structure built using pallet boards 4

You can appreciate that it’s a great pallet furniture idea, with a very original style and an intelligent design. It may be a good solution to your lighting problems if you like DIY and have some free time to get into work.

Lamp structure built using pallet boards 5

This is the original sketch that made Ben to start working on his lamp, and take a look to all the details. As always thank you for your help Ben, we value your projects, they are real gems!

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