Lamps ceiling support with a pallet


Do you need a nice solution for your lamps and give them more personality? In a bar of the “Eixample” at Barcelona, I’ve found this solution that maybe can help you. It simply consist in using the pallets as supports for the lamps.

To do it you don’t have to modify any pallet, you should just set the entire pallets on the ceiling, and then fix the lamps on the pallets. To set the pallets I recommend that you use some chains and anchors that can withstand a lot of weight, pallets are heavy and we wouldn’t want to find them over a client.

Lamps ceiling support with a pallet 2

The lamps can be from recycled origen or can be bought at any Ikea, we need only some simple and cheap lamps, it will suffice if they have some bright colors, even if they are of a metal finish they will be OK, because they will match with the proposed industrial decoration that offer the pallets.

Lamps ceiling support with a pallet

As you can see the result is quite good and there is no easier way to build a furniture, due to we don’t have to modify the pallets 🙂 Though do not forget that varnish and sand them completely it’s always advisable to enhance the finish and extend its life.

Do you like this bar pallet lamps? Do you want to look for more DIY pallet furniture?