Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards


In addition to make furniture with pallets, you can find other fantastic uses for your wooden pallets, such as covering surfaces with wooden boards, this is the case of the next project.

The objective of this project was to update the typical kitchen fluorescents by something more suitable with the actual times, lower power lighting: LED, and a covered ceiling made with recycled wooden pallets, just to give to the kitchen a “chic” style.

Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards

Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards11

Safety note: keep in mind to power off the lights before starting to work with a electrical installation.

The first thing you should do is to take out the current lights, that’s easy, you just have to take out the 4 fluorescent from the end supports… Then I took the screws that held the lamp, they literally fell to the ground, then I simply located the wires and I put them out.

 Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards3

 Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards4

Then I had to decide how I wanted the new lights. I wanted enough space between them to cover all the kitchen, and also I had to hide the holes that were left from the previous lighting. I decided to use a thin veneer as a support to place later the pallet boards. A whole uncut sheet was perfect in size to cover my needs and the holes.

So I fixed them to the ceiling with some screws, in a very artistic way and hiding the holes from the fluorescents. Before I had to create some holes where I was going to put the new lights, also I installed the power cord required for each hole. To create the holes I used the size requirements from the light supports that I had already bought.

 Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards5

To get the boards I used some old pallets which were aging in my garden, I knew I would use them in the future for any rustic decor, so I left them all the summer growing old and now was the time to use them. I dismantled them using the following guide: how to dismantle a wooden pallet?

 Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards6

I classified the boards according to their thickness, doing this the boards will have all the time the same thickness, when I put them in line one by one and row by row. Obviously the fit was not perfect, like the boards wasn’t too, but that was what I wanted, a rustic decor that me and my wife loved. Where there was holes, or in the limits of the base, I cut the boards to fit them well with the design. This was the most difficult part, because the holes had to be perfect to fit well later the lamp.

 Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards7

 Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards8

In the end I opted to also make a frame with new wooden boards, the contrast is beautiful with the rustic wood, this is much better than not doing it, but obviously if you want you can save this last step. I finally settled the LED type bulbs.

 Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards9

And presto! the project finished! in the end it only cost me 130$ perfect in these times of crisis… in addition the lights are energy-saving so in a few years I’m going to recover all the investment… but the best of all is that my wife likes it, and that’s the most important thing!

 Lighting in a kitchen using wooden pallet boards10

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