Little woodshed built with pallets for the garden


Eric sent us this curious woodshed built with pallets, although it could be considered a cage to keep animals, or any other space to store whatever that may be useful for you.

In any case its uses can be multiple, due to its small roof of 2 waters it’s perfect to be placed outdoors and keep its content dry, plus the floor is also made with a whole pallet, so the interior is not in contact with the ground maintaining it free of moisture.

Little woodshed built with pallets for the garden

A good place to store anything in the garden and keep the content free of waters and properly ventilated, also the front door has several openings where the air circulates freely, so as I commented it could even be used as a temporary cage for large and medium animals.

Because it’s an outdoor furniture it has been duly painted as you can see in the pictures, this will elongate the life of the furniture considerably, if it’s varnished every year, anyway remember that the pallets usually aren’t made of a high quality wood so do not expect miracles.

If I had to suggest any improvements to this great project, maybe I just had added some generous eaves on the roof, in order to protect better the walls of the woodshed.

Eric thank you very much for sharing your creation with us and hopefully we will soon recieve new ideas from you!

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