Lowcost Coffin made ​​of wooden pallets


Lowcost Coffin made ​​of wooden pallets

Today I want to show this crazy idea, at first it was born as an idea to decorate a garden on Halloween, but considering the fuenral prices  today Who knows? Maybe somebody will be encouraged to bury someone in one of these casckets, in any case they are very cheap , a great lowcost occurrence to bury your husband , if you no longer kept him any feeling and he didn’t left you any money!

 Lowcost Coffin made ​​of wooden pallets2

First we’ll get a few used wooden pallets if it’s possible , this is important if if we are going to make a coffin for halloween, they should be the oldest possible in order to give a more sinister touch to the coffin.

Lowcost Coffin made ​​of wooden pallets4

First we’ll deconstruct the pallets to get the necessary boards , I recommend you to cut the nails in order to finish earlier the work , take a look here if you do not know how to do it. We’ll join the boards to build the coffin lid, it’s very easy, just join them using some cross tables behind it, just like I show you in the photo above , remember to give it a coherent size, 6 feet X 28″ would be the ideal.

Lowcost Coffin made ​​of wooden pallets3

Next cut the coffin lid with the shape of a classic coffin, as if they were two trapezoids together, one larger and one smaller. To do so cut corners as I show you in the photo.

 Lowcost Coffin made ​​of wooden pallets5

Now we will construct the back of the coffin , you will need a wooden board of the approx. dimensions of the lid, it will be thicker depending on the quality that you want to give to the coffin. We will put the lid over the board and with a pen we’ll draw the profile of it.

 Lowcost Coffin made ​​of wooden pallets6

Here we can see the back finnally cut, it’s identical to the cpffin cover, as it should be .

 Lowcost Coffin made ​​of wooden pallets7

The next step will be to make the sides of the coffin , taking over the rest of the pallets slats and joining them as we did with the lid to create the sides. The depth of the coffin should be around 16″, so measuring the sides of the lid and with the 16″ size in mind, we’ll know the correct dimensions that should have each side.

 Lowcost Coffin made ​​of wooden pallets8

After we have done the sides, we’ll join the base using some wedges, we’ll obtain these wedges cutting the wooden blocks inside of the pallets. In the picture you can see how we have attached the perimeter to the back.

 Lowcost Coffin made ​​of wooden pallets9

Finally to finish our coffin we’ll fix the lid, we will need 3 hinges to fix it and also make it able to open, remember that the more rustic are them the better! Oh and do not forget to varnish it with at least 2 coats of varnish.

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