Make a rocking horse with pallets


Here’s a rocking horse made ​​of pallets, made by the same carpenter Jocelyn Costis from the wooden rocking cot. Well it isn’t really a rocking horse, it’s a rooster! but the idea is based in the classic wooden horses to play that used the children long time ago.

As quoted his wife, it’s handmade with a lot of love love from recycled wooden pallets, so it is environmentally friendly. The dimensions of this rooster are H28″ x L25.2″ x D12″

Make a rocking horse with pallets

Like the rocking cot, special care has been taken to restore the pallet for not being dangerous, it has been well sanded to leave no splinters, the edges also are rounded so then the child can not be hit by it, and also a treatment has been applied for cleaning it. All these steps are very important as the health of your child depends on them. If you have enought courage to do this wooden horse with pallets  I recommend you to apply them.

Make a rocking horse with pallets2

 Make a rocking horse with pallets3

In order to get the boards for this rocking horse, before we have to dismantle the pallet, here we show you how to do it easily and safely. Once you have obtained the boards the result just depends on your ability as a carpenter.

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