Minigolf made ​​with pallets!


This brilliant idea is from NOT DUMP and it consists on creating a Miniature Golf exclusively from recycled materials and encouraging recycling and using it wisely, like in this case where we use some scrap materials just to have a good time with our friends! The basic idea is to use recycled items in order to create this Minigolf, this is where the pallets will become important , and thanks to its modular structure, and how easy it is to modify the wood, almost the entire structure of the Minigolf is built of pallets.

Minigolf made ​​with pallets

Minigolf made ​​with pallets 2

Besides these boards are used to close the lanes and complement the obstacles.

Minigolf made ​​with pallets 3

 Minigolf made ​​with pallets 4

 Minigolf made ​​with pallets 5

Other items such as recycled plastic bottles, soda cans , pipes etc. are part of the obstacles on the tracks, using them wisely these elements represent a big challenge for the player!

 Minigolf made ​​with pallets 6

 Minigolf made ​​with pallets 7

The miniature Golf consists of a total of 9 holes which increases gradually the difficulty, very similar to the usual Minigolfs, its modular design also allows it to be very easy to transport and carry to other cities and streets, encouraging the philosophy of recycling and making the citizens enjoy a good time.

Note also the irony, the Golf is usually an expensive and elitist sport, in this case it’s available to everyone just thanks to very good ideas and intentions .

 Minigolf made ​​with pallets 8

 Minigolf made ​​with pallets 9

Minigolf made ​​with pallets 10

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