Original crafts made with recycled wooden pallets


Another good option is to make crafts with pallets, not all the projects have to be big, also small crafts can be made with wooden pallets, like useful objects and decorative items, or perhaps even a gift. If you are inspired and you want to build a clock like the one on photo above, it will be enough with work, creativity and skill to get it. Below I show some crafts that you can do with recycled wooden pallets.

Original crafts made with pallets

Original crafts made with pallets_2

Both projects, the pallet planter above and the artistic picture below, shows us the skill of the artisan who created them.

 Original crafts made with pallets_3

Only the union of the tables manually allows us to have a canvas ready to paint it, the use os the the wooden pallet boards will gift to the project a rustic style.

 Original crafts made with pallets_4

Only his creativity has led this artist to do his own Christmas decorations by pallet crafts, take a look to the Christmas tree or the mistletoe made with strips, the result is really good and is 100% ecological.

 Original crafts made with pallets_5

Or why not build some other items perhaps not so creative but much more useful! in the image above, thanks to a block of wood from a pallet we have obtained this knife holder, making some gaps where we can place the knives. And on the image below you can see a beautiful place made manually to kept our plush toys… a zoo made of pallets! a very original idea and useful at the same time 🙂

 Original crafts made with pallets_6

Original crafts made with pallets_7

This table is slightly far from other crafts with pallets that we have seen, requires some other elements that you eventually can find at your home, or in rusti decor store, and combine them. Perhaps you may have an old wheelbarrow in your garden wich you want to give it a second chance.

Below you can see another box craft, it could well be a recycled fruit box, but if don’t have one a good idea is to build it with manually with some pallet boards. The result will be the one that you can see in the picture and you’ll have a nice place to put your magazines.


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