Outdoor lamp made ​​with pallet planks


Do you want to make a lamp with pallets? and easy to do? Well you just have to take a look to the pictures that come with this post. Make a lamp with pallets can be very simple if you follow these instructions. You only will need a few pallet planks, to obtain them you’ll have to disassemble a wooden pallet extracting the nails. We’ll cut the planks with the length that we want to give to our lamp, 4 planks will be enough, and we’ll join them forming a prism like in the photos.

Outdoor lamp made ​​with pallet planks 1

Outdoor lamp made ​​with pallet planks 3

Now we only have to do the superior cover of the lamp, cut off a plank with a square shape  and fit it over the box that we’ve done. Before nailing it to the rest of the structure, mount inside the bulb and the holder, and make a hole with a driller to pass the power cord. The lamp is already made​​, you just have to add a string to hang it and also customize it according to your tastes. The lamp showed in the pictures has the word “Menu” written over it, because its function is to light the restaurant menu in a beach resto-bar.

Outdoor lamp made ​​with pallet planks 4

Outdoor lamp made ​​with pallet planks 5

Outdoor lamp made ​​with pallet planks 6

Here you can see how well it lights up the restaurant menu. Are you going to to do yours?

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