Pallet tray to use in the bed


The next element that we propose you it’s very easy to make and super useful, its’nt a pallet furniture itself but it’s a very interesting tool. It consists on a tray for use in the bed, seems bullshit but how many times we have been laying in the bed and we have wanted to eat out breakfast there with some comfort, or simply watch a movie on our computer? I don’t if that has hapened to you, but me it happened me hundreds of times…

With this tray we finnally can lie down comfortably and make use of our bed as a desk. simply reuse a wooden pallet and decorate it as you like. As you can see in the picture this tray has been decorated with the Canadians maple leaf, just the same as the one in the Canadian flag.


The only preparation that is required is to clean the pallet and decorate it, the pallet already comes with properly shape to work as bed-tray. If you do’nt want to use the pallet as a tray, it can also serve as a small table just above your bed, which could be retired from there every time you go to sleep.

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