Pallets watering hole for your livestock


Recently we saw this family project consisting on a solar shower made ​​with pallets: How to build a pallets solar shower in your garden?

But on the same farm where this family lives, they love recycling and making wooden pallets inventions… they never rest… today we present this watering hole or feeder for your farm animals. I know that many of you probably do not have sheeps, cows or horses… but maybe this invention will help to inspire you in something else concerning wooden pallets… 🙂


To build these watering holes we used whole pallets without the need of dismantling them, they simply joined them to form a box, but making 2 of the sides with 2 pivotating pallets, helping the system with a shaft in the highest point of the pallet, and leaving 2 tanks hidden inside the box. You can use these tanks to store food or water for the animals, and you can close the box whenever you want to let the livestock eat or not. Definitely a very useful invention if you live in a farm!

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