Palletsbox made to organize clothespins


From EDP palettes comes this new idea to build with your precious pallets. As we know with pallet planks we can create almost anything, and one of the simplest options is to make a box. With their very simple geometric shapes, the boxes are very easy to build with just a few wooden planks, we only have to cut those tables with the desired dimensions depending on the size that you want to give to the box, and then join them by their ends keeping 4 right angles with either nails or glue. Finally we’ll add a base to the set.

With this system we can make inventions like this one that I show you today, a box where you can put your clothespins. So you can have all your clothespins well organized and don’t lose them. A small handle in the box is enough to keep it hanging on the clothesline.

Palletsbox made to organize clothespins 1

Palletsbox made to organize clothespins 2

Do you like this pallet furniture for the garden?