Piece of art made of recycled wooden pallets


Another good example of the few limitations of building different things with pallets, is that some people even can create art pieces, at this blog we have seen also other art concepts, normally related with architecture, as the following examples: http://diypalletfurniture.net/pallet-houses/the-firm-avatar-archittetura-designes-a-pallet-pavilion/http://diypalletfurniture.net/pallet-houses/architectural-design-of-a-temple-made-with-pallets/http://diypalletfurniture.net/pallet-houses/farm-production-center-built-of-recycled-wooden-pallets/


But in this case we show you an image that focuses only on the art and aesthetics of the creativity born from a person, a new way of using wood pallets … we keenly follow other forms of artistics expressions made ​​with pallets.

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