Puppet Theater made ​​with recycled pallets


At this kinder garden the teachers proposed to a group of children of only 5 years to build a puppet theater . These children had designed and created before many other DIY projects made ​​with recycled wooden pallets , so they decided to build the theater this time again with used pallets.

The children themselves were the ones who dismantled the pallets, all thet wood that you see in the picture comes from a double sized pallet , and once they have obtained all the wooden boards , they make the design using the wooden boards that they have.

For the other pallet furniture projects the children used also the same process, it’s much easier for them if they design the furniture knowing which materials they have.

The puppet theater is built from the ground with some horizontal wooden boards, these boards are connected with the vertical ones that can be seen in the photo, the base also has some wooden weights in order to maintain balanced all the structure and don’t let it fall forward.

Some holes have also been done in the top of the theater  just to place some different colored LED lights, different kinds of lighting can be placed according to the theatrical performing .

To finish all the scenario they have chosen to place a sheet of artificial grass, and also they have purchased some logs in a nearby sawmill, so the children can both sit on the floor and on the logs, and thanks to this decoration it gives the impression that we are in a forest.

A great idea to keep the children distracted and also teach them how to do DIY, which involves: designing, teamwork and develop their own skills to do their projects. And if all of this wasn’t enough, now they also have a place to do theater and also improve other creative and interpretive skills.

Puppet Theater made ​​with recycled pallets

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