Rustic coat stand made ​​only with a single pallet


A pallet hanger can be a useful and original furniture to break the standards of the typical and boring hangers, which can usually be found in every house. With a pallet, varnish and some nice hooks we can customize completely our furniture, also it’s cheap and easy to make.

 First, we will separate the bottom of the pallet and retain the top of it. Then we’ll sand the wood and apply a layer of polyurethane varnish, ideal for interior wood. This varnish will provide a transparent or pigmented finish that will protect our furniture from moisture, hits and scratches. As you can observe it has a nice and shiny finish. Varnishing it is not required, but it will definitely improve the finish of our hanger.

Rustic hanger made ​​only with a single pallet

Rustic hanger made ​​only with a single pallet 2

Finally , we can choose our hooks. We can purchase them at a hardware store or recycle them from an old furniture that we have at home (cabinets, drawers, doors, etc ), also you can adapt other metal objects and use them as hooks , look at these curious examples .

 Rustic hanger made ​​only with a single pallet 3

 Rustic hanger made ​​only with a single pallet 4

With the right tools we’ll fix the pieces on a more or less homogeneous distance, in order to don’t let the clothes or accessories overlap between them when they are placed on the hanger.

Impressive right ? How simple and so great result !

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