Rustic kitchen DIY Pallet Furniture


Today I want to present you this pallet furniture classic design. About all the designs that we have shown you, some already are 2 or 3 generations old, when things were simpler and furniture was built to be in existence for a lifetime… never subject to a fashion fad. This kitchen furniture that we show you is a good example of this.

The upper half is a half sawed pallet ideal to place the dishes, jams, oil, sugar etc.. The bottom section, instead offers a much wider space for pots and pans.

‘It is ideal for places or homes which require a certain homey and rustic design. Also if it’s desired at the time of the furniture assembling, we can fix the top pallet to the wall with allen screws, so then if we want to disassemble it, it would be easier.


Don’t forget to give a quality finish to the furniture, sand it and if you’re motivated it would be grat if you also paint it, a light white/blue color should give the furniture a country house look like.

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