Rustic wall lamp with one pallet


Do you like to give a chic and exclusive touch to your home decor with a nice and unconventional lamp made with pallets? Today we want to present you an inspiring idea where we can see how with a simple design, 6 pallet planks, a nice silkscreen on the wood and a neon tube, you can make a rustic lamp.

As you can see in the picture, maintain the original color of the wood and the choice of an orange light gives a greater sense of warmth to the home, since it looks like a small fire in a fireplace, but obviously it depends on our tastes or mood state. Remember that the pallet color and the hue of the light can always be personalized!

How to make a rustic wall lamp with one pallet 2

 How to make a rustic wall lamp with one pallet

Hopefully it inspires you to star your own project!

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