Sandbox made with wooden pallets


Today I want to show this original pallet furniture for your garden, it’s a sandbox for your children, obviously made with 100% recycled pallets!

The idea comes from the sandboxes that are on the playgrounds and schools, it’s a great solution for the children to let them play in the sand without messing around the garden, it just keeps the sand into the sandbox. Itsn’t any great innovation but it works and your children will love it.

Sand box with wooden pallets made

To do this you only need some wooden pallets and dismantle them to obtain the boards, if you have trouble doing this I recommend you to visit the following link. Then create a frame, the dimensions will be set by the length of the planks of the pallet, remember that the bigger is the pallet the bigger are going to be these boards. Anyway you can also join between them the boards to get a bigger sandbox, but then it will take much more work…

To create the framework you must stick 4 stakes at the same depth as the height they have outside the ground, the stakes should be ubicated between them at the distanceĀ that are the boards of the pallet, you have to measure it well in order to don’t get short of wood. Then we’ll nail two boards of high on each side of the frame box for containing the sand, easy right?!

Before filling the sandbox with sand we should think about painting it with brightly colors, don’t save paint! the more layers you paint the more the wood is protected, and therefore it will last longer, remember that the wood of the pallets is not of very good quality and very dense, so it’s not very durable if we expose it to the sun and water, so think well on protecting the paint.

A final step in making this furniture with pallets may be adding a small board in one corner, as you see in the picture above, so the children will have a more comfortable place to sit. Also if you are very inspired you can make some benches on each side as the image shown below, suitable only for the bravest and the best carpenters! Finally we will fill the sandbox with sand (coarse sand), can be beach sand or you can get it directly at a garden store, you can even put zen sand which is whiter and looks great.

Sand box with wooden pallets made2

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