Sculptures of animals using pallet remains


Nico returns to the fray with his pallet sculptures. Nico recently sent us a few sculptures representing birds, always using the reclaimed wooden pallets, this time, using the same technique, Nico has created a dog sculpture with pallets.

Sculptures of animals using pallet remains  2

As you can see the style is very similar to the sculptures he already sent to us, so if you want to emulate Nico, you are able to create any kind of animal using your DIY abilities. Like with the birds, the wooden planks are polished with love, making a nicer finish and creating curvier shapes to the animal.

Sculptures of animals using pallet remains

Well, nothing more to say, hope you like it and that you soon start making your own sculptures, like the ones that you see in these pictures, it can be a nice way to decorate your house, considering that they are also your own creations!

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