Store sign made with pallets


If you have a business, a good way to save you money before its inauguration, is creating the store sign with pallets, engraving the name in the wood. In the case that you already have a sign and it doesn’t convince you, it may be a good time to replace it, or maybe to make a provisional poster, such as the menu in a restaurant.

In any case to make a sign with pallets will be always a good solution.

Sign made with pallets 1

This is the case of the sign I found in a shop in the old town of Barcelona. It was a bakery and also a delicatessen shop, so for the product that they offered was more than adequate to use a rustic sign as the one on the image. It simply consisted of a pallet attached to the wall where was written the role of the business and the products that they offer, with handcrafted letters engraved on the wood.

Sign made with pallets 2

Another decorative element that also fits perfectly with the sign, was this planter where they had placed a few pots, in fact it was a pallet identical to the one of the sign, but placed upside down to use their structural ties as shelves.

Sign made with pallets 3

Do you like this pallet furniture for a shop? Do you want to look for more pallet planters?