Simple coat rack made from pallet planks


Today we propose you a very simple way to make a coat hanger simply using some pallet planks. Instead of placing the hangers directly to the wall, this way you are going to decorate with a modern look the hall of your house.

  Simple coat rack made from pallet planks 1

To do this you’ll need just a pallet and some hangers which you can buy at any hardware store. The idea is to remove the wooden planks from the pallet, and use them to create the basis of the hanger, however you also can use any piece of recycled wood.

Simple coat rack made from pallet planks 2

Cut off the planks as you see in these pictures, following an irregular pattern, and then post them on a cross larger plank, with the help of some nails and a hammer. Previously paint them with your desired colors.

Simple coat rack made from pallet planks 3

It is not necessary that the wood is perfect, even you don’y have to cut or paint it perfectly, because we want the piece to have a recycled air in order to give it more personality.

Do you like this pallet hanger for the hall? Do you want to look for more pallet furniture?