Small bedside lamp with pallet planks


Recently we showed a curious TV cabinet found in the online shop “La Petite Maison – Laboratori d’Art”, today we return to this store to show you another excellent project conceived and developed using pallet planks, where its good design and final result are excellent.

Small bedside lamp with pallet planks 1

As you can see this lamp is composed of two essential elements, the lampshade and the wooden structure, you’ll simply have to purchase the lampshade in a lamp shop, or just recycle one you already have at your home and give it a second life.

Obviously you’ll have to build the structure yourself. In any case is quite simple the do it, obviously you will need a pallet to dismantle it and obtain a few planks, once we have removed them extract all the nails and sand their surfaces, it’s time to cut the trapezoidal shapes that you see in the image all with exactly the same size, you’ll need 16 of these pieces.

As a lower support for all of these pieces we’ll have to create a circle with the planks, and then unite them to form the circle and glue over it the upper pieces.

Small bedside lamp with pallet planks 2

In the center we’ll place the bulb holder, you’ll see that once you light the lamp, the shadows of the pieces will create a nice pattern on the surface of the table, in fact you can see this in the photo above.

Do you like this pallet lamp for the bed room? Do you want to look for more pallet furniture?

Source: La Petit Maison – Laboratori d’Art