Small chandeliers made ​​with Pallet blocks


Recently Carlos sent us this particular table made with pallets, but Carlos also made ​​another creation. Taking advantage of the wooden blocks left over from the construction of the previous table, he had the idea of using them as chandeliers.

To make these chandeliers he just had to make holes of the size of a candle into the wooden blocks. The candles used are the typical “Glimma” type that can buy at IKEA, they are inexpensive and you can get 100 for only € 3.79 ( $ 5) , in any case you can put any type of candle that fits inside the diameter hole.

Small chandeliers made ​​with Pallet blocks

To make the holes you will need a wooden drill similar to the ones on the image below, and obviously a drill to you use them:

 Small chandeliers made ​​with Pallet blocks 2

You can buy the wooden drill bits at your local hardware store or online at Amazon at a slightly lower price: drill and wooden drill bits.

As you can see it’s a very simple DIY job and you probably already have the needed tools in your home.

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