Hanging pallet Hammock for the summer


So this a DIY pallet furniture great idea!! What do you think about having a comfortable pallet hammock for the summer and spend it “tumbadito” … napping and reading books … Ok you have to have a little bit of free time yes!

You’ll see it’s very easy to do your own pallets hammock. First you have to deconstruct a couple of pallets and clean them up well, if you want to know how to do this easily check this page, so there wouldn’t be nails or splinters which you can have an accident, note this is important! seems silly but if hurt yourself with a splinter you’ll remember my advice 😉

Now comes the most complicated part: we have to drill the wooden boards from the pallets, so then we could braid a rope as you see in the picture and join the boards. This will give consistency to all the frame with this hinges, and also longitudinal flexibility, so when you will lay in the hammock it will suit to your back, something essential yeah…


The last step is to hang it with the same strings, they don’t have to be thin of course! so they could break because your weight. You should find a good support to hang the pallet hammock, a beam… the branch of a tree … something that you see that can afford the weight… and there you have it! a free wooden hammock made ​​from recycled pallets!

If you want to take a look to the step by step guide of how to build this pallet hammock check this link.

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