Vintage lamp made of pallets


One of our readers just sent us a very good idea that we had not seen before, plus we have also all the photos of the construction process, so we are going to have it very easy to imitate his work. It’s a small lantern made ​​with a few pallet planks, in this case perfect as a gift, a very interesting project for Christmas or a friend’s birthday, as it is a nice, useful and easy to carry gift if we want to deliver it.

Vintage lamp made of pallets 1

To build it we are going to need some extracted pallet planks, with just a single pallet it’s enough, we will also need a board of fine wood, you can buy it at any carpenter store, a hand saw or a jigsaw, wooden glue, a small hinge, and a bulb with its corresponding bulb holder.

Vintage lamp made of pallets 2

We will assemble a box like the one I show you in the pictures, using the planks cut to the desired length. The front part is where we’ll place the finest wood, but before we have to cut a draw. You can do the same design as the one that you can see in these pictures, or whatever you can think of, the idea is that the light from the lamp will project the draw on the wall and also will avoid the direct lighting. As indicated by its creator, this is the most difficult part of the construction, you must be very careful when you are cutting the wood, it could get broken easily. First you shall draw the pattern on the wood, and then with the jigsaw or the hand saw cut slowly the profile.

Vintage lamp made of pallets 3

Once all the sides of the box have been made, you have to mount the bulb holder in the base table, before fixing the bulb holder we have to pass the power cord by the back side of the lamp, so you have to make a little hole too. Of course you can buy the bulb holder at any hardware store without any problem.

Vintage lamp made of pallets 4

To make the lamp cover you only have to cut the last board and fix it with the hinge and some screws. As you see the back wall protrudes slightly to get aligned with this cover.

Do not forget to also sand the surface of the boards to improve the finish of the lamp.

Vintage lamp made of pallets 5

And here you can see the lamp already finished, a good option may be to add a personalized handwritten message, so the gift will be even more personalized. Good luck with your project!

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