Wall Lamp with just a single pallet


Having a lamp to provide indirect lighting to illuminate a room with a minimal investment is very easy, and advanced DIY skills are not necessary, it’s surely  one of the easiest pallet furniture that we can find .

To achieve this lamp it’s only necessary one pallet. We must cut it in a half using a saw, these are going to be the 2 halves that are going to build the whole lamp. Then we have to install the lights inside the structure, always set to the side of the pallet, so it will be almost hidden, as we can see in the photo. You can install a neon tube along the side of the pallet or several bulbs that will give us a warmer light, due to the cozy style of this furniture and the indirect lightning, perhaps it’s more advisable the second option.

Finally, once we already all installed bulbs we have to fix to the wall the lamp, using angle brackets. It’s recommended to embed it only by one point, so when  we will have to change the bulbs or the neon, it will be easier to separate the pallets from the wall, keep that in mind!

The result is very good and it looks like a real design lamp, in fact it is! and the lighting that provides to a living room or a study is very special, thanks to the play of shadows caused by the wooden planks.

Recessed wall lighting with a single pallet

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