Wedding seating made ​​with pallets


This project came a few days ago through our Facebook community, thank you very much for your input Ezequiel! It’s a wedding sitting made ​​with pallets.

If you take a closer look you’ll see that the board is made with only 2 pallets of the same dimensions, one full, and the other one cut and fitted to the other, then both have been painted with very bright colors, white and sky blue, typical for a wedding, especially if it’s in spring or summer.

It’s very easy to do and it can be very useful. In this case it was used as a wedding seating, hanging over him all the tables with the names assigned to them. However it can be used elsewhere as an event notice board, using the same concept. You should just hang it where it may be useful. For example in a sports club, you can hang over it upcoming events, advertisings etc… any idea can be good and lead you out of trouble.

Anyway I hope you liked this idea and that you can take advantage of it, Greetings!

Sitting for a wedding made ​​with pallets

Do you like this sitting for restaurants and events? Do you want to look for more DIY pallet furniture?