Wine expert office furnished with DIY pallet furniture


The furniture of this office has been made with new wooden pallets, this is the office of a wine expert. In the picture above we can see a small shelf to store the bottles of wine made ​​with a pallet, the structure has been cut to fit the bottles inside.

The desktops have been built by placing 2 pallets working as the legs, and also one pallet without supports working as a table, then a glass has been placed over the the las pallet to obtain a surface without gaps.




Here you can see the sofas and the table made of pallets, all this furniture has wheels to have the possibility of moving it around the office.



These are some hangers which follow the concept of the winery, using the wine bottles inside the pallet as hangers, a very original design that is very hepfull to hang the coats and bags of the office staff.

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