Wine racks options made with pallets


Diego González sent us these 2 good choices to make wine racks using a few pallets. Both are good solutions, one perhaps more complicated to build than the other one that has a very original design.

Wine racks options made with pallets 1

This pyramid design highlights for me especially, because after the numerous furniture I’ve seen made with pallets, especially wine racks, this design innovation is quite original, considering that it’s also very easy to build and you hardly need more than one pallet to do it.

The structure works perfectly since you only need to support the planks forming a triangle, this makes the construction of the cabinet itself strong enough and stable. Drilling the planks we can hold the bottles into these holes. The bottom can be used to put some shelves and place smaller liquor bottles, and don’t forget to extend perpendicularly to the structure the lower support, to improve the stability of the base.

Wine racks options made with pallets 2

Our other classic bottle rack follows a more regular design, where the shelves holding the bottles are tilted slightly and have some holes where to fit the bottles necks. On the top of the shelf there’s a support with some recesses, in which we can place the wine glasses upside down.

Do you like this pallet wine rack for the dinning room? Do you wan to look for more pallet shelves?