Wood store made with pallets


In case you live in a house with a garden and you have a fireplace, something fundamental is to have a woodshed where we can store our firewood and it’s well covered , because if we don’t protect well the wood, a rain can make us run-out of it and so of “heating”, and also the firewood well protected will withstand much better the test of time, and you know the rotten wood doesn’t have as good calorific power as the normal wood.

In a shop a wooden store can cost about 400 $… but today I propose you how to make one for just nothing…

Wood store made with pallets

The first thing you will need are some wooden pallets .

Wood store made with pallets2

 Wood store made with pallets3

The first step is to cut the pallets we have with the width that we wish to give to the wood store, but we could also leave them as they are, be aware that if the width of the wood store is too large the wood may be less accessible.

 Wood store made with pallets4

 Wood store made with pallets6

You will have to varnish or paint the wood in all the successive steps to make the wood store better withstanding the elements.

 Wood store made with pallets7

To build the back of the wood store use the boards of a deconstructed pallet, forming the matrix that you see in the photo, 5 horizontal and 3 vertical boards that define the height of the woodshed. Check here how to deconstruct a pallet easily.

 Wood store made with pallets8

We will have to cut and varnish 4 boards that will be fixed to the base as you can see in the following picture:

 Wood store made with pallets9

 Wood store made with pallets10

Later we will fix the back that we have done previously to the new structure. A detail is that if we varnish it before screwing the pallets, there will be much less splinters because the varnish will keep the wood fibers together .

 Wood store made with pallets11

Now use some longer boards that we will get from a larger pallet to balance and stabilize the vertical structures .

 Wood store made with pallets12

We will place laterally the wood store and them fix the side boards that will underpin the whole structure and also prevent the wood falling from the sides .

 Wood store made with pallets13

Notice that I’ve put over the back a long table in order to give it some height there , so when I’ll put the roof it will have some tilt to spit the water outside. I’ve also placed 3 perpendicular boards to hold the roof.

 Wood store made with pallets14

The last step is to install the roof. The roof can be made of the the material that you most like, but we wouldn’t do it with the pallets. We can put plastic , metal or even wood , just be aware that it has to resist weel the water and not get rotten with the test of time. It is important to note that the roof has to be somewhat larger than the wood store to protect it completely, especially on the side where it spits the water, 4″ on all sides should be enough , but the longer the better to avoid wetting the sides.

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