Wood store with only a pallet


Schwammal teaches us how we can make the most of just one pallet. If you need a place to put your firewood in your garden, there’s a very aesthetic and affordable option and at the same time easy to do option, and it hardly requires you to have great DIY skills.

As you see in the picture we just have to place a pallet vertically and fill the holes with the firewood, also you can appreciate that all this wood has been cut in the same way in order to improve the aesthetics of the piece of furniture.

Wood store with only a pallet 1

Keep the furniture upright is a very simple task, and the only change that we’ll have to do on the pallet to make the woodstore, you only have to fix some wooden blocks at the base, you can make a cut in these blocks to fit over the pallet, and finally fasten it with nails or glue.

Wood store with only a pallet 2

2 more details to highlight of this furniture which are optional, are the gardener who is on the top, take advantage of the uppper hole and plant some plants; and finally paint it in a dark color, giving the impression that the wood is of higher quality.

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