A castle made with pallets!


Unbelievable but true ! Wooden pallets allow us to build almost anything , or at least what the wood can allow us, and that’s no little, especially furniture yeah… But who would have thought that someone would dare to build a castle with pallets ?!

Obviously we ‘re not talking about a palace of human dimensions, it’s a toy for the children, a complicated project to build but your children will be very happy to have a castle to play only for them.

Other utilities that we can give to this castle are: as attrezzo for popular shows, or used as a cover place to play paint ball, where you need to have nice protections.

A castle made with pallets!

Realize that building it can be a challenge , we will need many pallets and also deconstruct them, and a good project and ideas of how to join them to form it, I have no plans but slowly and with patience, and many weekends!, we can build it, at last after all it does not have to be “perfect”

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