Architectural design of a temple made with pallets


Today DIY Pallet Furniture we want to present you this singular piece of art and architecture.

During the realization of the master of architecture at the University of Eindhoven, Netherlands, Frank Wijnen participated in a few projects. One of these contained and assigned the design and construction of your own temple. Since his fascination for wood and because of the small budget that it had, Frank decided to use wooden shipping pallets as the main material of the construction, and the trees as a source of his inspiration.




 The function that Frank wanted to give to his temple was similar to the one that gives a veil. Just like if you sat on the floor, with your back against the tree, resting after a walk in the park, with your gaze through the grass without anyone knowing that you’re there.

The result is a pavilion made ​​of pallets that clearly shows its primary construction element to the outside. The origin of these pallets, the trees, and their association with the calm that has Frank, can be seen and felt from the inside of this temple.






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