Build a pallet doghouse with fruit boxes


Building a pallet doghouse is very simple, you just have to follow the principles of building conventional homes, but they are much more smaller, so much more easier to build. To make it you can use any type of wood , in this case we have used some fruit boxes but we also can use wooden pallets.

 First gather the necessary wood for the house , here you can see the fruit boxes that we have recovered to build it.pallet_or_fruit_box_diy_dog_house2


Dismantle the boxes with a hammer, you’ll get the wooden boards that you’ll need to build the house. Here you can check how to dismantle them.


First we will place the boards one next to the other just to check how the front and back façade will be made . Once we have placed them, draw a triangle in both façades, this is where the roof is going to be suported.


Next step is to cut the boards by the drawed line.


To join the boards of the facades, we’ll join them with other perpendicular boards using some nails.


Surely this boards will be too long and they will get out by the lateral of the façades. Once you have placed it, draw a line where the back board gets out of the façade, then cut it .


To make the door of the house, like before we’ll draw it on one of the facades.


Then we’ll cut the line in order to create the doghouse entry .


Reinforce the 2 façades with more boards by its perimeter, and unite them on the top with more wooden boards, as you can see in the picture, so the house will begin to take shape .


To build the ground use the same principle as we have used on the façades, but this time we are going to build it rectangular. We should consider the dimensions of the façades to fit them with the base. Then we will set the floor with the walls.


Here you can see the doghouse almost finished, with the roof, floor and walls made ​​. Seems that our dog likes it… As you can see in the photo I have accumulated some plastic bottles to use them to cover the roof.


To isolate the roof we’ll cut the bottles by its base and at its top, so we’ll obtain a flat and solid plastic to start covering the roof. We will place them on the roof sticking them with glue, and always covering a plate over the other like if they where tiles, you must not pierce the plastic with staples because doing this can cause small leaks .

The last step is to stick with glue some new boards over the plastic base that we just have done, we’ll use longer boards in order to cover the walls of the doghouse, protecting them from the rain. We also should varnish it if we are going to ubicate it in the garden. And we have already finished our doghouse! Your dog will love it!


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