Cabin built with recycled pallets


Today we’re not goin to show you a DIY pallet furniture concept, today our project consists on the construction of a DIY wooden house. This project proposes to build a cabin with wooden pallets to use as a storage place on a farm. In the photo above you can see the cabin already finished and covered with metal plates in order to protect the interior and the wooden structure from the clima.



The foundations of the cabin are very simple, they are based only on stick wooden stakes on the terrain where the pallets are going to be nailed. It’s recommended that the wood used is treated for outdoor use, specially the one used as foundation, or alternatively use a more dense wood as oak wood. By the way the best is building the foundation with concrete or stone.


The walls are built directly with the original pallet shape, fixing them to the foundations and to each other. The end of the structure  construction will be finished when the 4 walls and the ceiling will be closed, until then the walls will remain loose and dangerous, as the wind can push them to the ground. In case that all the structure is not finished, we recommended to suppor temporally all the walls between them.



Here we can see all the walls finished and uncoated, you can see how all pallets have been used entirely. A slight inclination at the roof has been left  to help the water drainage.



Inside the constructor has created additional spaces of different heights, taking advantage that the structure has a considerable size. Furthermore, this allows a better interior substructure bracing the whole construction, although it also increases the weight of all the system.


Here we can see how one of the façades has been coated with a metal plate, just giving it a more sober and professional end to the cabin. It has also been created a small entrance porch to prevent entry inside of the rainwater.

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