Cabin with bathroom


I’m not a particular fan of this type of construction, as it is’nt very hygienic, but I understand that they can be very useful in certain circumstances, such as camping grounds, cottages or improvised music festivals. Next I explain you in more detail the construction.

Cabin with bathroom 1

Cabin with bathroom 2

Cabin with bathroom 3

All the cabin walls and floor have been built using pallets, using always whole pallets if it’s possible.

Cabin with bathroom 4

The inside only hosts a seat with a toilet lid, under it we’ll place directly a plastic bucket, as simple as that. An improved and more hygienic version of this system would be yo build a septic tank and connect it to the toilet using a siphon.

Cabin with bathroom 5

The roof structure has been build with larger planks acquired in a carpenter store, is a classic pitched roof of 2 waters. Over this structure we’ll place 2 plastic panels.

Cabin with bathroom 6

Finally we’ll close all the pallets with more recycled wooden planks, and we’ll also place a door on the front built with the same planks.

Cabin with bathroom 7

Here you can appreciate the detail of the exterior access to the plastic bucket.

Cabin with bathroom 8

One of the walls has remained unclosed and some pots with plants have been placed.

Cabin with bathroom 9

And finally this is the end result inside the bathroom.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the outdoors? Do you want to look for more bathrooms?

Source: Palettes du coeur