“Manifesto” House. Built with sea containers and pallets


This house has 160m2 and two floors. The design has been done by James and Mau Infiniski.

The basis of the design system it’s modular, the major part of the work it’s done at the work-shop, in order to limit the construction spending and the transportation of all the materials and processes. Thanks to this modular design of the house, it’s possible to add changes easily to the final design, and also in the future.


The structure of the house is made with 3 recycled shipment containers. One of the containers has been cut and separated and the other 2 containers rest on the roof of this 2 halfs. The split structure works as a porch bounded by 2 walls, with this system we can provide more space to the house. So with only 3 containers of a total of 90M2 we finnaly have a space of 160M2. The containers containers on the 2º floor also are displacet to give a terrace and a porch.


The house “dresses and undresses” acording to the season of the year to improve the insulation, thanks to a skin made of recycled pallets. The pallets cover the facades leaving an air chamber between de pallets and the container, which allows the ventilation to prevent the action of the sun. In the summer the pallets dress the container to create a passive cooling element for the house, and in winter the same pallets undress the container to allow the sun incidence, and heat the rooms pasively.


 The facade has 2 types of coating: one fixed made of wooden slats and another one made of pallets which can be moved to prevent or allow the action of the sun’s radiation. The cover has a mesh to give a shade to the roof, and can also be removed or placed depending on the weather. The natural wood also gives to the house a rustic look-like and integrates it in the enviorement.


The ground floor has 2 huge surfaces that can be lifted to became a porch, this system can be used to portect the house from the sun and also have an outside shaded porch. In winter can be opened completely to allow the entrance of the sunlight inside the house. In summer we can close it completely or partially, depending if we need natural ventilation or not.


The insulation of the house is made of recycled cellulose projected on the house walls, and covered with ecological panels, which are made of gypsum and cellulose.

manifesto-house-pallets-7 manifesto-house-pallets-6

The result is a sustainable home, because of the ecology of their materials (remember that many of them are recycled like the pallets or the containers) and also because of the passive heating and cooling systems, allowing significant energy savings. Also the construction of the house has been much more economical than the construction of a normal residence.

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