Double kennel made with wooden pallets


Last week Cristina sent me this interesting project. We had already seen before how to make a dog kennel with pallets, and also another option of a doghouse made with crates of fruit , both fantastic ideas, a kennel purchased in a store usually costs a lot of money, just doing a quick search on internet you can see that a one made of wood cost about 150$ at least , and made of other material like plastic, much less comfortable for your pet , about 100$… so it doesn’t seem a crazy idea to build one with pallets, for 0$ you can make a new home for your pet.

Double kennel made with wooden pallets

This kernnel was built dismantleling a wooden pallet to obtain the needed boards, if you don’t know how to do this or you just want to see what’s the best way to easily dismantle one, I recommend you to visit this link.

To build it you just have to create a cube skeleton, using a board for each edge, later we’ll cover each side of the cube nailing the boards continuously until we have all the sides covered . The boards should be cut to the needed lengths depending of what is the size that we want to give to our doghouse.

In this case it was decided to make it really big so 2 dogs could sleep inside, good idea as it saved them of building 2 different doghouses, also the 2 dogs together will sleep warmer.

Double kennel made with wooden pallets2

To make the roof instead of putting some slats they used a large table with the dimensions of the entire surface of the house , this saves some work but we have to have one or at least buy it, if you already possess one, it will define the final dimensions of the entire house, so you have to be sure that the pallet tables are long enough to make the all the structure and walls.

Double kennel made with wooden pallets3

Next we’ll have to decorate the house, a coat of paint on the inside and the outside would be enough to leave it very pretty, and well it was also personalized with a very nice sign 🙂 “House of Pitbulls”
Finally some cushions or old blankets will serve to make the house more comfortable. Do you see how happy are the dogs sleeping in the photo? Objective achieved !

Double kennel made with wooden pallets4