Examples of pallet furniture ideas for your house using pallets


Jean Luc, one of our Facebook fans, lives in a house that slowly has been being optimized to his needs, but the best part of it is that all of these improvements has been made by Jean Luc using the wooden pallets, perhaps because of concern for the environment and recycling or the just because of his economy, the truth is that all the improvements made are great and deserve our admiration. I explain you now them.

Examples of how to improve your house using pallets 1

First we have this fantastic pallet furniture for the deck of the house, 2 chairs, a sofa and a table, all using the adirondack design which I recently explained in this post. An excellent design system to create chairs that work great using the pallets, perfect to use on the porch of your house.

Examples of how to improve your house using pallets 2

Another improvement of this house is the plot fence, which Jean Luc also built using pallet planks. Is not a very solid fencing but it defines well the limits of the land, but it seems more suitable for enclosing an area with farm animals.

Examples of how to improve your house using pallets 3

In this photo we can see various details made with pallets, first we have the coating of the house wall, which makes it more homey thanks that is made of wood, also note that the perimeter deck of the house has been built with entire pallets, finally something less remarkable but I found it funny, is that on the left of the picture we can see that there are many more pallets, waiting to be used to build new home improvements.

Examples of how to improve your house using pallets 4

Finally, here’s an added space created with wooden pallets: the door, the walls and the blinds are made using these boards, and the result is a space won to the garden semi-closed, to enjoy the summer outside the house. A good idea to keep in mind that we still hadn’t seen on this blog.

And these are all the improvements that Jean Luc built at his home with pallets, a good way to make your home a more comfortable and livable space with almost any invest.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the garden? Do you want to look for more DIY pallet furniture?